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PALM VALLEY IMAGING offers an artistic approach to commercial photography that produces results that are sure to take your images to the next level.

All projects are handled with the same level of profressionalism and tenacity for perfection regardless of scale or complexity.

Palm Valley Imaging is proud to be affiliated with the following professional associations:

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PALM VALLEY IMAGING has the resources to accomodate virtually any commerical job.
    Years of experience providing services for the following client range:
  • Commerical Product Marketing
  • News & Press Productions
  • Newspaper & Magazine Publications
  • Corporate Media
David McCormick has been shooting with Nikon equipment since the 1980s. Currently his equipment consists of a Nikon D3s & D300 bodies and all with Nikon lenses.

PVIs Goal is to provide our clients with the quality photography needed with quick turn around times.

Some of our clients today include Advantage Business Magazine, Enterprise Florida, Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, Jacksonville chapter of American Marketing Association.
aboutus-founder.jpg - 49634 BytesPalm Valley Imaging LLC (PVI) was established in 2009 by photographer David McCormick. David McCormick specializes in industrial, event, and commercial photographic services on location. he has been involved with photography since the mid 1970s when he worked for The Ludington Daily News as the cameraman and part time photojournalist.

David McCormick received his A.S. in Photography from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale in 1984. At that time he managed a one hour photoshop store for a couple of years. In 1988 he went to work for Woodbury & Associates as an associate photographer and studio manager. He processed countless rolls of film & 4x5 sheets of E-6 , C-41, and black & white.

He has photographed large industrial plants in Wisconsin, to fashion in Barbados. In the studio he photographed laptops for IBM, speakers from JL Audio, just to name a few.

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